Aglow International (Britain)

Further Details...

We LOVE our Conferences and we want to make them as accessible as possible to as many people as possible! We believe Conferences are important and wonderful times, bringing people together to worship God, receive teaching and encouragement, and see the BIGGER vision of Aglow International!

Here are some practical and helpful details that should enhance your time with us at Conference:

* We have a comprehensive list of hotels in Southport that have been used by our delegates over many years and have been recommended by Aglow women and men. Click here to download the details.

* We have a new Conference Committee comprising of 4 Aglow leaders who will be wearing special badges to identify themselves. These women are available to you throughout the weekend to assist in any way they can.

* Our Conference is facilitated fantastically by a group of volunteers who are our Hostess Team. All hostesses will also be wearing a badge to help you identify who they are. NB. The yellow sashes are no longer in use.

* Delegate Accommodation Forms. When you book for Conference you are sent a booking confirmation letter or email, along with a Delegate Accommodation Form. We must emphasise the importance of these forms to you, and ask that you do fill these in prior to Conference, and have them ready to hand in when you come to register. Sefton Council run a Grant Assistance Programme for events that are held in Southport, as holding any kind of large event or Conference in the locality aids their tourism. The level of financial support that we receive from Sefton Council is based solely on the number of delegates who sleep in Southport for 2 nights or more, and this information can only be given to them by way of these delegate accommodation forms. Thank you for your patience and understanding. If you need a copy of this form please click here.

* Shopping! There is the opportunity to purchase products from our various stall holders at Conference. On sale are Aglow publications, products relating to our guest speaker(s) and musicians, gifts, Bibles, journals, jewellery, cards and other fantastic items. These stalls are open for approximately 1 hour before a meeting, and again after the meetings have finished. The stalls are not open during the sessions.

* Free time. Conference sessions run Friday evening, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, Saturday evening and Sunday morning. It is a full programme but there are opportunities as well to rest, to process what you have heard, and to go into Southport and have a coffee! Lord Street is a 5 minute walk from the venue and boasts some great shops and places to eat.